Euroscope 2024

Work, health, money, travel… The European elections are coming up, and their outcome will have an impact on your daily life!

The 720 MEPs will be elected by Direct Universal Suffrage and will represent you in the European Parliament when it votes on laws and budgets.

But how can we remind our fellow citizens of the election date in a fun way ? How can you spread the word with us ? How can you raise awareness among your friends and family?

European House of Lyon / EUROPE DIRECT Lyon Métropole, European House of Valence / EUROPE DIRECT Drôme Ardèche and the European House of Bourg-en-Bresse are launching the #Euroscope2024 operation. Are you a regular in local cafés and bars ? Keep an eye out ! Our structures and their partners have distributed #Euroscope2024 coasters throughout the region. Look out for your sign or that of your friends and share your success with us on Instagram by identifying our accounts and the hashtag.

And check out this page (in french) for all the questions you might have about the elections !

Can I do the same in my country ?

You want to participate in your region and spread coasters in your locals bars ? We made some translations that you can download freely to print .

You can contact the European House of Lyon : contact [at]

Maison de l'Europe/EUROPE DIRECT Drôme Ardèche :
06 99 61 26 07 / 07 82 86 67 26 ;

Horaire d'ouverture : 
Lundi au vendredi de 9h à 17h sur rendez-vous


Maison des Européens Lyon/EUROPE DIRECT Lyon Métropole :
06 48 55 79 90 /  07 50 72 74 95 /

Horaire d'ouverture : 
Lundi au jeudi de 9h à 17h sur rendez-vous


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